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October 2016
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A Stirring In The Wind

For those of you who also read over at The Old Dog Barks know that a tragic loss shook the very soul of this place!  For those of you who possibly do not, the guy who helped build this place who went by Wes here died last Fall after a somewhat protracted illness.

If you do not think that that event took the wind out of the sails around here you never understood how close Wes and I had become.  I did think seriously about quitting this altogether but, I had committed to keeping his web sites which are hosted at my place on the air.  That got me eventually thinking about trying to write the stories that were crawling around in my head.  That was simply where things stood until another of the people who hang around at the other place started talking about writing a story he had in his head.

After several conversations I started muttering “Well damn, I could fit that into my Universe!”  So in a week or so shit is going to start moving around here again.

Ground rules are simple, I may have to change some stuff to fit the lack of a writer for the characters Wes wrote so well because I damn sure cannot.  I am not going to kill anyone off as I have some faint hope that the one guy I think could write those characters might one day want to play over here!  So they will just not be involved directly in the plots of the next book and sorta be in the background.

Never So Few will NOT and I repeat DAMN WELL NOT be rewritten.  It like The FutureVerse will stay intact in the memory of Wes.

So hang on, the ride could get bumpy around here!



Marjoram is Complete

The sixth book of the Cardoman Saga is Complete at the FutureVerse. It was a struggle and without the prodding of a commenter over there I might still be considering finishing it. Go and take a look. You might notice the site has been revamped as well.

Actually not revamped but duplicated outside of the WordPress.com Universe and onto a net domain on the Old Dog Server farm. A little more freedom is allowed and I will use that freedom with caution.

This site had problems for the last week that were I hope mostly transparent to the users. They were completely transparent if you wanted to look at any of the photo’s of video here. That should be taken care of now.

As far as the writing goes, I think we will have something on that score real soon now.

We Still Post Here Sometimes

The Cardoman Universe novel Marjoram is now completed. You can read it at the FutureVerse. Until we start another in the New Texas Universe, hop on over to Old Dog Barks to keep score.

Marjoram Marches Onward

Just so you know the Seventh chapter of the Sixth Cardoman book made it up on the FutureVerse today. The writing will continue until morale improves.

Back Again

The Old One and I have been Blogging Mightily at the OldDog Barks. On the writing side there is news! The Prologue for the sixth Cardoman Book, Marjoram, is now up at the FutureVerse.

Feel free to visit both places and take a look around.

A Very Blue Moon is Complete

This is the third time I have been able to use this post title and most of the words today. Consider it a Press Release.

Here is a copy of how I signed out at the FurureVerse:

Chapter 27 of the fifth Cardoman novel is now online. I could write an essay about starting the story a year ago then setting it aside for six months while I worked on other things before finishing it today. But instead I will just post the book’s last two paragraphs which give a picture of how I am feeling about now.

As they transitioned out Wes Calvert proposed a toast. “We have what we came here for.” Holding out his glass he continued, “Here’s hoping this once,” and he paused, “our reach,” and paused again, “did not exceed our grasp.” And he finished it off in one quick motion before dropping the glass to the deck and crushing it under his foot. Each of the others did the same.

Later on a Federation rating swept up and bagged the shards along with video recordings of the toast. He saved it all for shipment back to Union. It just might be worth something someday.

Finally Something New

I have been sick as a true Dog the last two days and my brain was just starting to work late this afternoon.

Not clear enough to write originally but clear enough (as well as slightly slowed down) that I figured out what was wrong with the draft of my next Tales of the Interregnum installment.

So go forth and read Mechanized!

Since Last Time

I have taken A Very Blue Moon at the FutureVerse up to Chapter 18. The Old One and I are still blogging daily at the Old Dog Barks as well.

When Oldiwan gets back to work on Devil in the Mirror there will be more action here. For now keep checking the other two sites.

Return of the FutureVerse

Just a quick note to let you know that A Very Blue Moon, the fifth book in the Cardoman Series of Military SF Adventure has had three chapters added to it in the last week over at the FutureVerse. That was after a six month stoppage where I spent my time writing for The Old Dog Barks and the Junk Science Forum. The Forum folded and I am working on the book again and finished chapters 12-14. I look to have chapter 15 posted in another week.

Merry Christmas

Last year we posted this but due to problems caused by a WordPress version change we were unable to get the music to play. We converted to a newer music player and this year got it right. Here’s hoping your new year will work out better than the last as well.

A Merry Christmas to All.
Merry Christmas

And to All a Good Night!

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Stille Nacht Ticha Noc — by Karel Gott

Happy Holidays from Fort Old Dog.