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What is it with SXXX?

A while back I wrote a post about the trials and travails of my normal life. I in my normal warped sense of humor did not want to call it “Life Sucks” so I gave it the joking title of “Life SXXX.”

Fast forward, we start getting hits from every search engine there is and all going to the same place. ?p=108, for the uninitiated that is the PHP/MySQL call for database entry 108 which just happens to be the database entry for “Life SXXX.”

These search engine hits come from places like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and even Pakistan. In short every damn place where a certain Religion of Peace imposes Sharia Law.

It sure seems strange that from all of the places that put their Women in a bag and treat them like shit that we get endless searches for XXX. Y’all come on over and try that shit on the Blonde Lady; if she don’t shoot you, I will. Remington-Peters SJHP in .45 ACP will be in your immediate future rest assured.

Hope you guys waste some bandwidth on the title of this one. Like I said before I have it to spare.

Any readers we do have, Strike Masada will come!


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